Monday, March 18, 2013


    We would like your feedback on campus parking. We welcome any comments but some suggested topics are below. Add a comment with your response. Click on the comment link below or select the parking topic on the right hand side of the screen.

    1. How easy and/or difficult is it to find parking on the Anschutz Medical Campus?
    2. How far are you willing to walk from parking space to destination?


    1. Parking in lots, especially in evening, does not feel safe! Even Walmart has better parking.

    2. Parking should be quickly accessible from the main side streets of the campus. The campus main squares should be isolated from roads accessed for parking. Plans can be made so that people shouldn't be crossing streets where cars are trying to access parking. For example, at Children's Hospital, there are over six crosswalks where people and cars are constantly crossing each other. In fact, Children's Hospital doesn't have any safe paths from parking to the main building that don't cross a major street, and all of those streets are servicing access to the same parking lots from which the pedestrians originate. It takes longer to park, and people are less safe. Parking lots should be built so that only one side of the lot has in/out access for cars, and this access is from a street furthest from the campus. The entrance to parking lot should be walled/fenced from pedestrian access so that stray pedestrians don't cross and block cars from parking/exiting. There shouldn't even be a sidewalk on that side of the street because it is the furthest one from campus for each lot, and people who park would be going inward toward the campus for there business and away from the parking entrance/exit.

    3. I'm willing to walk a fair distance from parking to various buildings on campus, but I would like a clear pathway to get between them. A path that does not involve crossing major streets or dodging obstacles.